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STYLE CRUSH: Elizabeth Olsen


Today we’re paying tribute to an oft unsung style hero and younger sister of mega-moguls, Mary Kate and Ashley. We’re talking about Elizabeth Olsen!

Elizabeth seems several years more mature than her dewy 24 years of age, with her understated style and graceful demeanor. Rather than the Hollywood limelight, she can more often be spotted at Sundance and other independent film festivals. So we ask – is it possible to look up to a woman that’s actually younger than you? In this case, absolutely!

STYLE CRUSH: Catherina Baba

Why do we love Catherine Baba? Well…how long do you have?This Francophile stylist who hails from the land of Oz has stolen our hearts with her appreciation for glamorous layers and devotion to dressing à la Old Hollywood / 40s chic. Honestly, we could go on but let’s just say this – Ms. Baba definitely [...]

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