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NEW ARRIVALS: Men’s Vintage & Pre-loved


As you may or may not know, Vintalier also sells men’s vintage and pre-loved clothing. One might describe our men’s selection as part classic, part woodsman, always cool. Here’s just a small sample of Vintalier’s men’s vintage selection along with ways to wear/style vintage.

Navy Blue Polo L $34; Blue Hawaiian Shirt S $34; Wrangler Western Plaid Shirt L $34

Tan Hawaiian Shirt L $34, Embroidered Chambray Shirt S $48, Grey Hawaiian Motorcycle Shirt L $28

Hawaiian shirts are best with shorts and boater shoes. Sorry guys, keep it classy – no flip flops! ;)

Motorcycle and punk are in style but mix it up and keep ’em guessing!

For more new arrivals, check out our Facebook page. To purchase, call Vintalier at 503.222.0148.

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