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NEW ARRIVALS: Kiriko scarves & neckties


A couple weeks ago I visited my dear friends at Kiriko, Dawn and Katsu. Dawn told me a little about the history of Japanese textiles and kimonos and showed me several of Kiriko’s upcoming products. It feels good to touch, smell, and experience the items in-person and hear the “why”, “how”, and “where” of the things we possess. It reminded me of why I love to source locally and meet the owners of any products we carry at Vintalier.

Boro is an antique Japanese textile from the 17th to 19th century known for its deep indigo dyed hues and rustic look. Farmers and peasants often used to wear boro for practical reasons. Now boro has become a style statement, reminiscent of denim.

Antique Boro Jacket Size S $185 ; KIRIKO Boro Necktie $89

Kasuri is an ikat technique in which the threads are dyed prior to weaving, creating jagged lines in the pattern. This textile technique requires skill and planning during the stage of thread dyeing, whereas prints create a pattern atop primarily solid fabric.

KIRIKO Kasuri Scarves $78-$95 each

* To purchase, please call Vintalier at 503.222.0148.

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