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HAPPENINGS: Vintalier’s 1st Anniversary Tea Party featuring T Project


Can you believe it? Vintalier will be celebrating our First Year Anniversary Saturday, April 5th, 12pm-4pm. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for all your support. Please come celebrate with us and preview artisan teas made by special co-host, Teri Gelber of T Project. Plus get first look at 80+ new arrivals and receive a 15% discount!

When: Saturday, April 5, 12-4pm

Where: Vintalier, 412 NW 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

About T Project:
T Project artisan teas are served at several Portland specialty restaurants and boutiques such as Grüner, Alder & Co, Kiva, etc. Teri Gelber is also a published cookbook author of The Mighty Gastropolis: Portland and Sunday Suppers at Lucques.

“Watching my son Theo grow from baby to toddler to kindergarten inspired me to take a risk and start a small company from nothing. I envisioned an entity or “project” that would include so many of the things I’ve learned along the way of life and package them into one company that I truly believe in. My passion for art, people, music, experiences, chaos and calm, along with my life in the realm of flavors could all come together here. Quality craftsmanship excites me and my fascination of the botanical world never loses potency. T Project melds all of these elements into one cup of tea and the other things of beauty that might accompany it. It’s only when you pause to know and take of yourself that allows you to take care of others and share in this universal wisdom and love that I believe we are all meant to experience. The butterfly effect theory says that one small change in one place can effect an even greater change elsewhere. One kind smile, a cup tea with a friend, a chance encounter, can change a life.

My company, based in the rainy breathtaking Pacific Northwest, takes pride in doing things the old-fashioned way. We employ girls and mothers who want to work in a kind & enlightening environment where conversation, films and music goes hand in hand with tying teabags. My experience as a sculptor, cooking teacher, radio producer, mother and food writer have each contributed to the deliciousness and beauty of these blends. All teas, spices, herbs and flowers are carefully sourced, using only the very best botanicals. This is where it all starts, and hopefully, where it ends too — A table, a cafe, a picnic where hearts and minds meet to take a break from the outside world over a cup of tea and a dose of friendship.

The details compel me and change won’t leave me alone. We hope you notice the difference. In doing things the right way, we can live up to the Japanese saying — Sampo Yoshi: Good for seller, good for buyer, good for community.” –Teri Gelber


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